National Rail Accredited

    Booking and credit card fees

    Credit card fees

    We apply fees to transactions made with credit cards (but not to transactions made with debit cards) as follows:

    American Express   2%
    Maestro   no fee
    MasterCard (credit)   2%
    MasterCard Debit   no fee
    Visa Credit   2%
    Visa Debit   no fee
    Visa Electron   no fee

    The credit card fee covers the charges that are passed on to us by the credit card companies for using a credit card to pay with. By contrast debit card costs are very low, which is why we don't charge when you with a debit card.

    Booking fees

    We apply a booking fee of £1.50 when you book. This is in addition to any credit card fee. You can buy multiple tickets within the same order and for a single booking fee of £1.50 to keep costs down.

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