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    A child's wooden toy train

    Travelling by train with children

    If you're travelling with children, going by train can be both a fun and cost-effective way to travel. Up to two children under 5 years of age can travel for free with an adult; if you have more than two children under 5, or your children are aged between 5 and 16 years old, you will need to have a child's rail ticket for each of them.

    Train travel can be exciting for children, especially on scenic routes. Try to sit by a window, and look for seats at the end of the carriage if you're travelling with toddlers so that you have lots of opportunities for walks.

    Bring along snacks, books and toys to keep them occupied - or try an old-fashioned game of I-Spy!

    Some train operators will offer specific benefits for children, such as Virgin Trains' 'VKids' goodie bags. Check with your train operator before you travel.

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